Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

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3.4 oz edp spray 

Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck fragrance is inspired by Taylor's song "Enchanted." Magical and alluring, this scent has a charming and sparkling first impression for memorable encounters. Vibrant fruits kissed by a bouquet of soft petals combine with a touch of sweet indulgence to delight the senses. The allure of freesia, apple blossom, and raspberry joins with the surprise of blissful vanilla embellished by airy, sun-drenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Notes of golden amber and sandalwood are woven with a touch of lush peach to complete the whimsy and elegance of Wonderstruck.

  • Magical, alluring scent comprised of vibrant fruits and soft florals
  • Freesia, apple blossom, and raspberry combine with vanilla and florals

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